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Dating: Jokes as Pickup Tools

Being back on the dating scene after marriage is probably one of the most exciting times in my life. Post marriage dating seems to be even more fun than pre-marriage dating has ever been as it has a totally different meaning. Previously when dating it was about meeting that special one person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, while now it is about enjoying time spent with someone at a new restaurant or at an event. I still have the same aspirations to find that special someone, but realize even more that each new person could be that special someone or she could just be another person to meet.

Approaching women is totally different, in my honest opinion, after marriage too as previously I was much more nervous to talk to women in fears of rejection. Post marriage it seems a little easier (or maybe I am just older) as I don’t see each conversation as something that has to go somewhere, and possibly be a long term relationship. At this point in my life I am having a lot of fun learning about new people and learning more about myself. It has become much easier and is pretty simple to just walk up to a woman that I want to have a conversation with and begin conversation with any random topic. I don’t want to use any of the cheesy pick up lines about stars and eyes, but did learn a fun new joke from my buddy Randy at Blend Bar and Cigar. Randy tells a joke that goes “do you know the difference between sex and a sandwich” with the hopes that a woman says “no” to which the reply is “do you want to have lunch” or do you want to have dinner” depending on the time of day the joke is told. The joke, in my honest opinion, is harmless and often funny. It has been really fun to tell the joke to the women I come across throughout the day in hopes that they will simply laugh and think that I am a funny guy. Most women that I view on the dating websites (see Technology and Dating for the Modern Gentleman Part II) post on their profile they want a man that can make them laugh and more than anything I want to make a woman laugh and smile. I have come across several women that have answers like “I am satisfied after a sandwich” or “I will always make you a sandwich,” or even “I can get my own sandwich.” These women have made me think a bit more about the joke and their personalities.

The joke works best with a woman that understands immediately that the man standing before her is telling a joke in the hopes that she might think he is funny. These are the women that I want to tell another joke and hopefully then have a meal with at a fun restaurant. The women that come up with some answer just to answer the question make me think more about their personalities in general as I could be having a conversation with a “know it all” or a woman that “has all of the answers.” These are the women that I do not want to share a meal with.

I believe it fundamental to find out more about people’s personalities while meeting them and then being able to figure out if we should be out on a date. The dating scene has changed quite a bit since pre-marriage and is much more fun post marriage. I look forward to meeting many new women and making them laugh with simple jokes.