Technology and Dating for the Modern Gentleman Part II

Getting back to dating post marriage has been very fun as the thought process post marriage is very different. I don’t mean different as in a bitter attitude that is out to hurt women because of divorce, but rather a “I have been married already” and each woman that I meet does not have to be my next ex-wife (kidding). I have met quite a few women ranging from “I will never speak to that crazy human again” all the way to “I wish I did not meet her right now because I would marry her.”

There were many websites for dating previous to my marriage, but I did not use them as I was out with my friends often enough to meet a plethora of women in many different social settings. Now that my friends and I are a bit older, the vast majority of them are married and/or have children now, so finding proper wingmen to go out with has become rather difficult. I have resorted to experimenting with the many different websites and their mobile applications. Now this posting is most certainly not one to rate and review each of these sites as many of us have different interests with these sites (,, etc), but rather a posting about how they have changed dating for me.

Using mobile applications from Match and Plenty of Fish has made these sites much easier to use at any time of day as I do not have to be sitting in front of a computer. Applications like Tinder remind me of the old Hot or Not where you see an immediate image of a person and swipe left for NO and right for YES. Tinder makes it easy to see if you would be immediately attracted to someone while also allowing the user to fill out a short profile. While Tinder is simple to use, I much prefer Match and Plenty of Fish (PoF) as the users fill out more details about themselves. Match and PoF allow the dating world to see a menu of people to look through prior to beginning a conversation.

Dating for the Modern Gentleman has changed quite a bit since before my failed marriage. While we had websites, we did not have the mobile application set we have today. These applications have made it much easier to browse and message people we might be attracted to and once we figure out a time to meet up we can use the Modern Gentleman’s Door Test using more modern technology like Uber. Happy Dating!

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