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VMware vCenter Operations Manager Authentication Error

This week I came across an error while trying to upgrade VMware vCenter Operations manager to the latest version (5.0.2). After downloading the .pak upgrade file I tried to login to the appliance at https://URL2vCops/admin/. I used the User Name and Password that I setup the appliance with and could not authenticate. I then went out to KeePass to verify that I remembered the password correctly and I was correct. I tried again to authenticate and could not. At this point I decided to get on the console of the UI VM and see if I could authenticate using the root account. After authenticating with root I tried su admin to log the admin user onto the console. I had to enter su admin twice and was able to authenticate with the documented password. Pretty annoyed right now as I again tried to login to the admin portal and failed to do so using a username and password that are working on the console. I used my Google Ninja Search skills to find this KB  from VMware regarding resetting user accounts including the admin account. I downloaded the script and followed the directions and received an error that the password could not be changed. I followed the included link regarding automatic lockout (KB) and was not experiencing the issues it described.

I then thought back to a day when there were issues logging into the UI to view data. That day it was discovered through trials and tribulations that the vAPP had run out of space. The application could not be used because the vAPP was out of diskspace, but did not indicate this to be the issue anywhere. After powering the vAPP off and adding an additional .vmdk file I powered the vApp back on and magically could use the vAPP. I thought that while the issues were very similar that quite possibly the would be unrelated and was wrong. After powering the vAPP off and adding an additional .vmdk I powered it back on. I could again authenticate.

This has been very frustrating to deal with as the vAPP does not give indication that while I cannot authenticate it is only due to the fact that the vAPP is now out of usable diskspace. I hope that VMware does create KBs soon for this.